Are you ready for a torrid love affair?


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To most people, it seems crazy, but Pinot Noir lovers understand. Theirs is a passionate affair that seems to defy reason. The quickened pulse, shortness of breath, flirty glances, secret smiles… What is it about this wine that is so seductive, that conjures up such desire? The delicate flavours, or the fresh berry aromas? Maybe it’s the tantalizing spices or luscious mouth feel. It doesn’t really matter to the Pinot lovers. Once bitten, they never forget.

Are you ready for a love affair with Niagara’s most sultry and sexy wine? Back by popular demand, The Pinot Affair!

Visit Niagara October 15th & 16th and take advantage of ”The Pinot Affair” for intimate tastings, lusty food & wine pairings and more. Learn first-hand from those who make the wine why they only have eyes for Pinot Noir…

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