Thank you for Partnering with the Niagara-on-the-Lake Bed and Breakfast Association

Learn more about our BBA booking widget

We have developed a widget that you can place on your web site, allowing your online visitors to book their accommodations at one of our member properties. The widget was developed with simplicity in mind, so that installation can be accomplished with just a few minutes of your time. There are two options in installing the widget, and the option you choose depends on a couple of different factors.


OPTION 1: Clickable BBA logo, with new window

Include the BBA logo that, when clicked on, opens a new page in the visitor’s browser. This is normally used if your web site space is at a premium and you want to offer booking capability while keeping development effort down to a minimum. Below is a example of the ”Book Your Stay Partner’s Widget” applied to a webpage. Notice that the widget has been created on a transparent background so it will visually adapt to your own website.


OPTION 2: Full-fledged booking engine

This option allows you to include the full-fledged booking engine directly on your web site, thereby maximizing the guest’s time on your own web site. Of course, in order to do so, you will want to develop a page that has enough space to “house” the booking engine (recommendation is at least 800 pixels high by 800 pixels wide). Below is an example of this second option.


All settings and customizations are taken care of by us, in the BBA reservation system, so there is no need for you to change any code on your web site if you want the booking engine to look different (color scheme, etc.) or if you want to change your logo. Simply let us know and we can work with you in making these cosmetic changes happen.


Contact us for more details about the BBA Booking Widget and it will be our pleasure to answer all your questions.